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  • Is Sparkling Clean bonded and insured
    We are bonded and have a $1 million liability insurance to protect you, your home, and businesses we service. Our cleaners are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • How much does Sparkling Clean charge?
    That depends. Reoccurring clients are on a fixed rate for each clean. Residential cleaning varies by house size, number of bathrooms, number of people, pets, amount of wood floors, and how often the house is cleaned. Example: 2 bedroom, 2 baths, kitchen/dinning area, living room, and office. There is carpet in bedrooms and office, tile in kitchen and one bathroom, and wood floors through out the rest of home. 2 people live their with 1 dog. Their home is cleaned weekly $97 a time. Commercial cleaning varies by size, bathrooms, amount of dusting, location, and frequency of cleaning. Example: We clean a small office no dusting of any desk, 4 bathrooms, trash removal, 1 kitchen with tile floor, and we are there 5 times a week. It is $49 a clean Another example: 4 bathrooms, trash removal, floors, and only twice a week cleaning. $640 a month.
  • Why does Sparkling Clean offer free estimates?
    Sparkling clean does free estimates to make sure we quote the cleaning acuratly. This also gives you as the potential client a chance to get to know us. It also gives us a way to get to know you as a client and know what your expectations are. The more we learn the more we can service your cleaning needs.
  • Does the same cleaner or cleaners come?
    We do our best to always send out the same cleaner or cleaners. We do not send different cleaners unless you have been made aware first.
  • How does Sparkling Clean make sure employees are trustworthy and good at cleaning?
    We do background checks on employees. Employees go through a training to make sure things are done the same way every time.
  • Will the cleaning quality remain consistent over time?
    We take pride in maintaining a high quality standard of cleaning over time. We strive to clean every time as if it was the first time.
  • Is Sparkling Clean pet friendly?
    Yes! We love pets and most of our clients have them. We don't mind if your pet roams your home while we are cleaning. Rember we are in your home cleaning and it is your pets home.
  • Do you clean pet messes?
    We don't clean pet messes. We don't change kitty litter.
  • Does Sparkling Clean provide all cleaning supplies and equipment?
    Yes! We provide all cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment. Unless you have a favorite that you would prefer to be used. Products: Vinegar, dawn dish soap, and Mrs Myers. Equipment: Proteam vacuum, flat micro fiber mop, brushes and sponges.
  • Does Sparkling Clean use green products?
    Yes! We use green cleaning products for the environment, your health, your pet's health, and our cleaners health.
  • What is used for wood floor cleaning?
    We truly believe in staing as narual as possible so we only use vinegar. If you wish to have us use something else please let us know.
  • What if something gets missed or not cleaned properly?
    Sparkling Clean offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we happen to miss or not clean something to your expectations, just let us know within 24 hours and we will return and fix it for free of charge!
  • What if I need an extra cleaning visit between my regular cleaning schedule or I need to cancel?
    If you need an extra cleaning just let us know with as much notice as possible. We always do our best to make sure we can get the cleaning doen. If you need to cancel just let us know 24 hours in advance and we will make the necessary adjustments to your cleaning schedule at no cost to you! Last minute changes are typically handled at a no cost to you either. A $50 lockout or cancelation fee may be applied if we cant get in or if you do not reschedule your cleaning.
  • What if my cleaning falls on a Holiday?
    Sparkling Clean is opened all weekdays throught the year. Except Independence day, Thanksgiving, Christmas (depending on when Christmas falls we may be closed all week) and New years eve and day. If your clean falls on one of those days your clean will be pushed to the day after or day before. We will comunicate with you what will work best.
  • Do I have to be there to let cleaners in?
    This is your option. We want you to be comfortable with what makes you comfortabel. We have clients that stay, some that leave, and some that are away when we clean.
  • What if a cleaner breaks or damages something?
    They are to report to Heather and Heather will call to tell of any breakage or damage. Heather will than call and discuss how to fix the breakage or damage.
  • Besides cleaning, do you clean dishes, do laundry, make beds, etc?"
    We will from time to time do dishes to help a client but it is not something we do. We do not do laundry as each person has a prefrence to how it should be done. We don't pick up pet messes or change kitty litter. We do make beds. We will change linens for an additional charge.
  • What happens to my service and charges if I decide to go away for a lengthy time?
    We can either maintain or pause services. It is your choice. No fees or penalties will be charged while your account remains paused. We will be happy to resume your services upon your return. If the first cleaning after your return takes significant more time and effort, an extra charge might apply
  • What are working hours?
    We are opened 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday We are closed on Holidays: Independence day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day We can always be reached in case of an emergency at 406-855-4250
  • How is customer service?
    Easy and direct via phone, text, and email. 406-855-4250 Phone and text
  • How come I have never heard of Sparkling Clean?
    Most likely because we did not update our web page. We have had a web page sense 2015, but never worked on it and it was basic. We have never advertised in newspapers, magazines, or any periodical publication for that matter. We never advertise on Craigslist. We did not have a Facebook page until August 2019 (check it out). We just started social media. We always based our clients off of refferals. We also have had most of our clients 4 plus years. We pride Sparkling Clean on the detail we give and not our marketing!
  • How do you accept payment?
    The vast majoirty of our clients leave a check to have us run as ACH. We accept credit cards. Some like paying with Venmo. Some leave cash. We want you to pay how you are comfortable paying.
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