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 I started Sparkling Clean in 2014 wanting to give to the community and help busy people. Needing to support my 2 children after going through a divorce I decided to start Sparkling Clean. Started with Residential Cleaning added Commercial Cleaning and Window Cleaning. Both my boys have worked with me. One has taken great interest in the business and has become a full time employee with hopes of taking it over one day.

Previously I was owner of a wood fired concession stand where I would travel around to events selling wood fired pizza. I created the recipe for the dough and sauce to set myself apart from other concessioners by making each pizza as it was ordered with fresh ingredients. Before that I was part owner of a tile flooring company.

As I love and miss the concession business I love more being able to give back to the community.

I love to be involved with the special needs community and have supported some of the activities the community has put on.

I look forward to growing Sparkling Clean and being able to give back as much as I can to my community. 


Heather Birr


"I am so greatful for the work Sparkling Clean did on my home. They were proffesional and caring of my needs."
" The cleaners come on a weekly basis and are friendly, proffesional, and do a really good job"
J. Smith


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